Adored Ephemera – pages 6 & 7

It's been too long of a while since I updated my sketchbook project 2015 tag. Go here and read the pages so far in order. Page six contains an instant photo of my DSLR D5000 (RIP). I broke it in July because I'm foolish but maybe it's fixable. Once I have the money, I'll bring… Continue reading Adored Ephemera – pages 6 & 7


strange but enriching idea #003

Originally written on December 22nd, 2016 @ 5:28 pm and now expanded. For more strange but enriching ideas, go here. Create works that get sold in Art-o-mat® - Don't Go 'Round Artless! They're basically converted cigarette machines that you can buy affordable art from! So neat. I already bought a prototype package so I can… Continue reading strange but enriching idea #003

Adored Ephemera – pages 4 & 5

Welcome again to my sketchbook project! If you want to see the front cover, preface, and 1st page of go here. For 2nd and 3rd page, go here! So that left page (page 4) is of my winnie the pooh alarm clock that I think Mar gave me for college when I graduated from high school.… Continue reading Adored Ephemera – pages 4 & 5

november ’14 favorites

I decided to start a monthly rundown of my favorite things. It'd be nice to look back on what I enjoyed and it'll be good practice for my book review wordpress that I'll hopefully launch before I hit 30 haha. Books and book like things Your Illustrated Guide to Becoming One with the Universe by… Continue reading november ’14 favorites

Fall in love (with life) with me

So last night I saw this open pad of rainbow gradient stationery and I haven't written in it in years. I bought it at a dollar store many years ago, probably while I was still in high school. I knew I had to write in it and I was thinking all day about how I… Continue reading Fall in love (with life) with me