you are beautiful and necessary

I think I have a problem with accepting compliments. I used to be really bad and think they're lying and look at them weird and just brush it off. But now at least I can say thank you and smile, because I am genuinely touched that they said such sweet things. Yet, I still don't… Continue reading you are beautiful and necessary


That Next Step

I think I want to try a new approach to this blog. The original idea was for this to be solely for creative works, whether it was in the form of poetry, short stories, photos of the day, sketchbook spreads, collages, etc. But I decided to switch it up and include more personal material, like… Continue reading That Next Step

“Aswang Presidente” Monologue from the “In Full Color” Anthology

As I noted before, I was published in the In Full Color Anthology¬†which was founded, selected, and directed by Summer Hortillosa and produced by Art House Productions. It's a collection of stories by women of color from the hit theatrical event. It aims to help women of color share their stories on stage and spark… Continue reading “Aswang Presidente” Monologue from the “In Full Color” Anthology

In Full Color Anthology

So after my run as an Author Events Intern at Asian American Writers' Workshop, I still had the email plugged into my cell and kindle, even though I was supposed to remove it (mea culpa). But it was a good thing cuz I saw an email asking the workshop to put out a call for… Continue reading In Full Color Anthology