mini book reviews & trying to move on

I recently had to close a brief, beloved chapter/dream. I was a bookseller. I loved it. Those five months were the happiest, most fulfilling I ever experienced. I am sad to see it end, but I'm sure I'll find another job to love. I miss the staff but I can always visit. Anyway, I accumulated… Continue reading mini book reviews & trying to move on


i want more meaning from this life

This past Tuesday I went to New York City and did all the things I love– visit art galleries, take a class and learned something new, browsing bookstores and buying, eating Poke, sunny day, saw the STORY store, had a meeting with GABRIELA NY–  but I wasn't fully engaged. I realized that I wasn't as… Continue reading i want more meaning from this life


I want to follow the trail of my reading and see where it goes. Since I have a number of unfinished books, I decide to focus on three concurrently. And the next read will be determined by the one directly before: references, themes, character names, places, allusions, a feeling, epigraphs, etc.   For example, I’m… Continue reading trajectories

november ’14 favorites

I decided to start a monthly rundown of my favorite things. It'd be nice to look back on what I enjoyed and it'll be good practice for my book review wordpress that I'll hopefully launch before I hit 30 haha. Books and book like things Your Illustrated Guide to Becoming One with the Universe by… Continue reading november ’14 favorites

Job Incentive II (So I caved…)

And bought this limited edition Luna parcel from The Love Parcel. I know I said I wouldn't buy anything but she won't be making anymore of that awesome tote bag or gorgeous print. Well worth the $40. It's the online store I adored the most and I just want everything. Here's the package I got… Continue reading Job Incentive II (So I caved…)