before I’m 30

This is my before I hit 30 to do list. I used the daruma stamp from Baum-kuchen which is an awesome analogue stationary shop in Los Angeles. I would love to go there some day. With the stamp, you color in one eye then write down your goal or intention. Then once you accomplish it,… Continue reading before I’m 30


Being Mentally Ill with #WalangHiya

In honor of #WomxnsHistoryMonth2017, I'm collaborating with AnneMarie of Formation of a Filipinx American where I wrote a blog to reclaim the phrase #WalangHiya, which has been traditionally used to shame Filipinxs. Her edits were crucial for me to dive deeper into how shame badly affected my mental health, and how speaking about my mental illness openly allowed… Continue reading Being Mentally Ill with #WalangHiya

In Full Color 2017, featuring my monologue “Psychotic Break”, starts TONIGHT til Sunday!

I should've been writing about this from the get go when I found out New Year's Day that I will be part of In Full Color 2017. It's a Women of Color production where the actresses perform monologues and poetry. Last year, my first monologue ever "Aswang Presidente" was printed in their anthology. From tonight… Continue reading In Full Color 2017, featuring my monologue “Psychotic Break”, starts TONIGHT til Sunday!

you’re one step braver, little one

If I want to become and be known as a mental health advocate, I'm going to need to speak honestly about ALL aspects of my mental illness. I'm bipolar and I've had severe depression for years and have experienced mania. Depression is relatively easy to talk about since it's the most discussed and most publicized… Continue reading you’re one step braver, little one

strange but enriching idea #003

Originally written on December 22nd, 2016 @ 5:28 pm and now expanded. For more strange but enriching ideas, go here. Create works that get sold in Art-o-mat® - Don't Go 'Round Artless! They're basically converted cigarette machines that you can buy affordable art from! So neat. I already bought a prototype package so I can… Continue reading strange but enriching idea #003