A Sense of Wonder

I finally finished my sketchbook project 2018! And today is the damn deadline lol. Just need to blog its entirety (yikes) and mail it off. YAY. I titled this work "A Sense of Wonder" because that succinctly embodies this book, for the reader (hopefully) and me. It's also a line I took from one of… Continue reading A Sense of Wonder


before I’m 30

This is my before I hit 30 to do list. I used the daruma stamp from Baum-kuchen which is an awesome analogue stationary shop in Los Angeles. I would love to go there some day. With the stamp, you color in one eye then write down your goal or intention. Then once you accomplish it,… Continue reading before I’m 30

writing ambitions laid out and fun-sized

I attended the 22nd Annual New Jersey Book Arts Symposium at Rutgers-New Brunswick in November and it was FANTASTIC. I loved being there and I was so glad I took a day off from work to attend! I wish I blogged about it immediately since a lot of my experiences are now lost to the… Continue reading writing ambitions laid out and fun-sized

Fall in love (with life) with me

So last night I saw this open pad of rainbow gradient stationery and I haven't written in it in years. I bought it at a dollar store many years ago, probably while I was still in high school. I knew I had to write in it and I was thinking all day about how I… Continue reading Fall in love (with life) with me