I wanna grow with you

It's officially New Year's Eve Fuck I'm in February and I haven't updated this blog in well over a year (Mea Culpa). A lot has occurred so here are some highlights: I curated my second fortune cookie reading and had an interactive installation at The Lit Exhibit. I am so proud of all my readers,… Continue reading I wanna grow with you

Learning to Love Myself More

I haven't written here in six months. Within that time span, I started to see someone new, intern at a beloved Asian American literary nonprofit, and took an online book art making workshop. Each endeavor making me happy in a variety of ways. In fact, I was at a baby shower, and my old friend… Continue reading Learning to Love Myself More

#AsianLitBingo – A 2018 May Reading Challenge + TBR

May is Asian American Heritage month and in honor of this month's theme, the folks at LitCelebrAsian are currently┬árunning a May Reading Challenge! I was bemoaning how white my favorite novels list was and when I was looking around Litsy (an awesome instagram for books) and discovered this wonderful challenge. Similar to the Diversity Bingo… Continue reading #AsianLitBingo – A 2018 May Reading Challenge + TBR

A Sense of Wonder

I finally finished my sketchbook project 2018! And today is the damn deadline lol. Just need to blog its entirety (yikes) and mail it off. YAY. I titled this work "A Sense of Wonder" because that succinctly embodies this book, for the reader (hopefully) and me. It's also a line I took from one of… Continue reading A Sense of Wonder