In Full Color 2017, featuring my monologue “Psychotic Break”, starts TONIGHT til Sunday!


I should've been writing about this from the get go when I found out New Year's Day that I will be part of In Full Color 2017. It's a Women of Color production where the actresses perform monologues and poetry. Last year, my first monologue ever "Aswang Presidente" was printed in their anthology. From tonight… Continue reading In Full Color 2017, featuring my monologue “Psychotic Break”, starts TONIGHT til Sunday!

inner and outer spaces

2015 bleeding into 2016 and its entirety feels like the year where I was discovering spaces. Like the Asian American Writers' Workshop where I found a community of fellow uhh AA writers just like me. It was also the year I discovered I was queer. And Gabriela NY which is a Filipina womxn group that… Continue reading inner and outer spaces

you’re one step braver, little one

If I want to become and be known as a mental health advocate, I'm going to need to speak honestly about ALL aspects of my mental illness. I'm bipolar and I've had severe depression for years and have experienced mania. Depression is relatively easy to talk about since it's the most discussed and most publicized… Continue reading you’re one step braver, little one

[The Listserve] I’m not the failed savior


NOTE: I won the lottery for The Listserve a year ago today. Here's the instagram where I wrote about it. After two days and 600 words, this email below was the result. It was sent out 1/13/16. And while it landed in over 20k inboxes, I only received at most 10 replies but they were enough… Continue reading [The Listserve] I’m not the failed savior


I came across this interesting challenge for 2017. Created by Vanessa Martir, those who join must write an essay every week for the duration of 2017. Here's the post if you want to see the guidelines, but do read this in depth, poignant blog by Martir on what she (re)learned while writing essays in 2016.… Continue reading #52essays2017